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OTL Seat Filler Members attend Music, Theatre, Comedy & More at the private invitation of OTL’s Show partners. Unlike Award Show Seat Fillers, OTL Members bring guests, enjoy the show and may attend a few shows a month - always at no charge. Shhh... the person in front of you in line may be paying £50 or more.
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london theatre tickets, london music tickets, london comedy tickets, uk show tickets, uk free tickets theatre tickets ukMusic, Theatre, Comedy & more... OTL Seat Fillers have fun being introduced to all kinds of area shows and events. Keep in mind, OTL is not a ticket broker and does not offer shows every day. But the fun of being an OTL Seat Filler is watching new shows pop up monthly and then claiming seats to those shows without any thought about ticket prices.
If you have the adventurous spirit and Love Music, Theatre & Comedy, select a Membership and JOIN the most FUN club around!

things to do london, things to do uk, fun stuff to do london, free tickets london, free tickets uk£ 10 - Believe it or not, that’s what OTL members pay for a month of all inclusive membership dues. OTL is a Seat Filler though and not a ticket broker. There will not always be shows but, when there are, one show can more than pay for multiple months of membership. £10 and fun things to do in London & other cities keep popping up!
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