The Common and Uncommon
Things to See & Do in London

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London is a constantly moving and expanding city.
Many fall in love with it because of its charm and variety of activities and opportunities. London’s main attractions are many and they’re all just to die for. You will be thrilled by the many attractions of this cosmopolitan city as you can admire the city in all its splendor from above on the London Eye or meet a celebrity at the Wax Museum, Madame Tussauds, or explore one of its incredible museums between arts and history.
London offers several different attractions for all tastes and needs. The famous skyline is an absolute must see and a huge motivation to explore this city. Several times used as the backdrop of some of the most famous movie films, the London skyline is constantly evolving, from the old St. Paul's Cathedral to the futuristic The Shard.
But, if you want to get to know the real London you should visit its neighborhood like Kensington or Notting Hill: here you would find the most authentic side of the city strolling at local markets and living the English dream beside the most common touristic places. Nature lovers would love to stroll at Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens where they could have a picnic surrounded by canals, lakes, green areas and some cute squirrel!
If you want to live London as a Londoner, you should take aside these common places to visit and live it like a local. How? Exploring the hidden gems of this incredible surprising city.

London's Hidden Gems For Nature Lovers

Primrose Hill

From here you will enjoy one of the most unusual and beautiful views of the London skyline. On the left you will see Canary Wharf, the new business area, so the skyscrapers like the Gherkin, the Shard, the London Eye profile to the east and, if your eye is careful about Right you will also see the tip of the Big Ben, near Westminster Abbey. This is also a residential park, close to the city's most affluent neighborhoods. One of my favorite parks in London. By December 31, the Londoners come to the top of the hill and from here admire the fireworks and then celebrate in the park away from Westminster's chaos.


Ruislip Lido

If you want to go to the beach without leaving the city, just get to East Sussex. In Northewood Hill, Area 6, you have the beach and the tranquility just minutes from downtown London. A must for a relaxing quality time away from the city’s buzz!


Regent’s Park

A green park in the winter, where you will find a wonderful water-pond, paths for walking, running, biking, rolling or jogging with the whole family, just like real locals. Throughout the park there are many species of birds: I have seen, besides doves, gulls, papyrus and swans, even herons, just a stone's throw from the luxurious residential villas in the neighborhood. And then bridges, a tennis center, soccer fields, an open-air theater, roses and the famous London Zoo. A small world lurking away from the chaotic world of London.

Strolling at the Local Markets and Unusual Fashion Districts

Market known mainly by Londoners, not far from the Borough and always in Southwark, south of the Thames. At Maltby Street, you will definitely find something to eat on the go or some souvenir to bring home. Get lost into the market of a unique experience, living the English lifestyle.

Camden Lock

More than Camden Town, unbridled and eccentric shopping district, you can spot the street food market of Camden Lock. Ethiopian, Lebanese, Italian, French, Thai, German, English: your lunch among the crowded stalls in this market, just a few steps from Regent's Canal, will be different each time. Fragrances and cultures blend in a square of the city's most famous punk neighborhood, where you're not surprised to meet the most original fashions and vibes.

Secret Historical Places

London has several hidden places related to history and cultural backgrounds. If you want to get lost into a fairy-tale like scenario be sure to explore the ruins of an old medieval church destroyed by the bombings of the Great War. You just have to go to the Monument Metro Station and go towards the Christopher Wren's Tower. Entering the park you will stroll at romantic ruins of the church all framed by a beautiful natural background. Londoners love to get here for wedding pictures or to simply make a jump into the past.

Secret Bars and Restaurants

Located in the heart of the crowded Leicester Square in London which is also known as Theater Land, you might think that Cork and Bottle is the star of the show, but many tourists are unaware of this wonderful wine bar. It is said that Cork and Bottle has 40,000 wines in its cellar and come from all over the world so there is a wide choice. The bar serves fresh food at all times and has something for everyone, whether you want a snack, cold or hot food. Obviously, there is also a selection of cheeses that you can enjoy while sipping your wine. If you are a wine lover and you are in the West End then indulge in time to visit Cork and Bottle - you will not be disappointed.
On Artillery Lane, just steps away from Liverpool Street, Spitafields's breakfast club hides a secret bar inside. Whispering the password to the waitress you will enter through the door of a fridge in a single, hidden place.
If you want to try the “cuisine” then do not give up a go at the Prawn on the Lawn. It specializes in fish that is ethically and sustainably caught. You will eat in a small, characteristic restaurant that will create a wonderful atmosphere and you will be spoiled for choice by reading the menu. If the fish is your favorite dish then Prawn on the Lawn is a must if you are in London. Londoners love it!
So, if you want to explore the hidden and more authentic side of the City, don’t be scared and dare for a more unique and special itinerary!