Seat Fillers Wanted in London


Over the past few years, we here at OTL the Comp Ticket Underground have tried to describe our membership club in many ways. We’ve tried “Live Events Membership”, like “Netflix for Live Events”, “Free Tickets to Ticketed Events”... and we still get a lot of people with blank stares or asking the most common follow-up question “Then what do I have to pay for the tickets?”

seat filling uk, seat fillers uk, london seat fillers, seat filling london, things to do in london, things to do in englandSo, we’ve decided to get back to basics. Most people are aware of Award Show “Seat Fillers”. Seat Fillers fill the seat for celebrities as needed and move around throughout the show.

Well, OTL members won’t be filling seats at award shows, but they do get the opportunity to fill seats at numerous shows in their own hometown. Shows like plays, musicals, smaller concerts (although we’ve had some big ones too from time to time!), comedy shows, lectures, sports, dance, classes and much more.

OTL is not a business. It’s a Membership Club and members pay nothing more than their dues. No start up fees, no ticket costs, not even ticket surcharges. They only pay membership dues of $9.95 per month for a two-seat membership. Yes, members bring guests to shows too.

Our entertainment partners appreciate OTL seat filling as it’s a free and private service. We don’t publicize shows so we don’t impact their regular ticket sales. Members don’t mind though because it’s fun to see what pops up each month. Whereas award show seat fillers attend one or two shows a year, OTL members are typically invited to attend at least a few shows a month.

So, here’s our handy-dandy Seat Filler comparison and, hopefully, when we say OTL members are local “seat fillers” people will respond with “Oh, that’s really cool! I would love to do that.”

Award Show Seat FillersOTL Members
Attend one or two shows annuallyAre invited to attend an average of one show weekly
Seat Fill for someone else so they move around; main objective is to seat fill and not enjoy showSimply filling the seat (not for another person); no moving around; able to enjoy the show
Sit alone - can't bring guestsMembers can bring up to three guests depending upon membership selected and the party sits together
Seat Fill for Award ShowsSeat Fill for Music, Theatre, Comedy & more in their hometown plus can seat fill when traveling to any OTL city

So, the Cliff Notes version to summarize...

On the List (OTL) is a Seat Filler Membership Club whereby members fill seats in their own hometown. They pay nothing more than their membership dues. What do they pay for tickets? Nothing.

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